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NJPW G1 Special 2017 Review/Ratings

This entire PPV was really good. I will recommend this G1 Special but certain matches throughout this PPV. The matches of the PPV were really good, placed, & had some good wrestling. The outcomes were really predictable, but not as much. The winners who advanced to the Semifinals and the matches tonight are going to be insane. Now, the review for each match & rating: 

Chaos v Bullet Club: This was a decent opening match. Nothing to big, I just want to know what’s the state of the BC after what happened later(Which I will get into). 

Rating: **3/4 

Los Ingobernables v Liger, Lee, Titán, Valador: Now, I get this is the undercard but I just think they should do the multi man matches in different slots but it was still a decent match. Again, nothing big, just a fun multi man match. 

Rating: **1/2 

Jay Lethal v Hangman Page: This match was really good. I think it was a good opening match to the tournament, and the story about Lethal’s injury still circling if he could survive and win this tournament for the US Title. Lethal’s finisher(Handspring Cutter) is still absolutely amazing and beautiful. 

Rating: ***

Zack Sabre Jr. v Juice Robinson: This match was really good, also. ZSJ is absoultely mental, one of the best technicians in the world. Not even gonna lie, I really thought ZSJ was overrated in the beginning of 2017. He changed on me, by a lot. And that match was one one of the reasons. It was a great, or perfect match, but it got the job done. It really had that sign of belief that Juice will actually win the match, by powering out of ZSJ’s effective submission. But ZSJ somehow put in the octopus based submission to get the win. 

Rating: ***1/2 

Jay White & Taguchi Japan v Hunter Club: Let’s get the elephant out the room, and talk about Billy Gunn… This dude should not be wrestling anymore, there’s absoultely no point of him wrestling oncesoever. Now, the match itself, was boring. I’m sorry, but it really was. This 8 men tag was just to build-up to Tanahashi v Billy Gunn(Which is a horrible idea). Was really bored throughout this match. Didn’t accomplish anything. The only bad match of last night G1 Special. 

Rating: ** 

War Machine v Guerrillas of Destiny: This was a great tag team match. Again, just a good match that didn’t need any crazy spots, but it was a great tag title match. I think at the start where they announced it to be a No DQ match was really weird. It was a good match nonetheless; thouroughly enjoyed it. 

Rating: ***1/2 

Tomohiro Ishii v Tetsuya Naito: This match was really good. I really loved this first round match. First round matches are typically not great in the wrestling world, but damn sure was. Really loved how Naito started off the match, and did his signature taunt: Tranquillo. I think this match was really fun to watch. And I was really surprised with the outcome. Really thought Naito would win there but I suppose not. Ishii v ZSJ is gonna be absolutely amazing. 

Rating ***3/4 

Kenny Omega v Michael Elgin: This match was absolutely MOTN, hands down. The match was really fantastic, and the story if Omega could get the big man(In Elgin that is) down. Throughout the match Omega will have a spark then & there, but Elgin will stop that. Omega is absolutely amazing & so is Elgin. This match was absolutely MOTYC & certainly earns all the respect & attention. It also took 7 V-Triggers and 1 One-Winged Angel to put Elgin down. Amazing storytelling. Omega v Lethal tonight is gonna be absolutely insane. Can’t wait. 

Rating: ****1/2 

Kazuchika Okada(C) v Cody Rhodes: I know I can’t do a damn thing in the ring, but Cody got exposed… This match was really decent but so tiring. I really stand by that Cody isn’t a great wrestler everyone says he is. I think this match further proved my, & Everyone else’s opinion(s) on why Cody isn’t a great wrestler. Omega came out and went to throw into the towel and we see some heated tension between Him & Cody. I think they will probably fight and winner is the proclaimed leader of the Bullet Club. It was an okay main event, not anything special or out of this world spectacular. 

Rating: ***1/2

Overall, it was a good opening night for G1. The second round matches have everyone itching as to, who’s gonna win or will Omega really win the entire thing tonight.. For my prediction for the finals, I have ZSJ v Omega. And Omega wins the US Title and face Okada later on in G1. Maybe he defeats Okada this time, but I have no idea. We will just have to wait and see, hope everyone enjoyed this review & if you will like to, I have other fantasy bookings on here, and I will review G1 Special Night 2 also. So, there’s that. If you liked this post, please comment below of you enjoyed the read or have some constructive criticism upon my review & ratings for last night’s G1 Special.

My Rating out of 10: 7/10. 

Sami Zayn’s World Title

This was requested by Marsh on Twitter. 

Now, this is a controversial topic. Will Sami ever achieve his dream by becoming a world champion? Or, will he ever be the face of the company? If they are, this is how I will book it! Since Sami is programed to face Corbin, I will have him defeat Corbin. And, after the RAW PPV, Shane will announce Sami Zayn, & Baron Corbin as two of the 6 for the MITB…. Now, I will have Nakamura, AJ, Owens, & Jinder in it. Why not Tye? Because, he doesn’t need to be.  So, I will have Sami WIN the MITB. And, Randy V Rusev for the title at MITB. Sami, who is the MITB holder will be looking closely at the match. Randy wins but gets attacked by Rusev at the end. Sami comes out. Tries to cash in, but Rusev attacks Sami. And making Sami be out for a month. Rusev claims since Sami is unable to compete, he should get the briefcase(talking to Daniel Bryan that is). Rusev later faces one of Sami’s good friends, Tye Dillinger in the main event of SD. Rusev loses by DQ because he held an accolade in for 5 seconds. Tye passes out. And Rusev screams “GIVE ME THE BRIEFCASE I WANT IT.” when SD goes off air. Since the next SD PPV is No Mercy; Daniel Bryan tells Rusev “If Sami is able to compete, you will face him at No Mercy. Oh, and if you win, you will get the briefcase.” Rusev laughs and walks away. The go home show for No Mercy, Rusev comes out saying he will defeat Sami and retrieve that briefcase and cash in on AJ(Who will be facing Randy who lost at SS). Sami music hits but no one comes out. But, Sami is there hits Rusev in the back of the head and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. At No Mercy, Sami defeats Rusev thus keeping his briefcase. Now, we’re at the RR. AJ Styles is scheduled to fight John Cena. Yes, Cena V. Styles at the Rumble again. AJ wins in a hard fighting match. But Sami music hits but he just holds his briefcase up and walks away. Shinsuke wins the Rumble, thus setting up Shinsuke V. AJ at Mania. AJ retains his title in the chamber and yet another tease by Sami Zayn. He just holds it up yet again. We see no more Sami & AJ interaction anymore after that. Sami V. Owens is scheduled to happen at Mania and Sami wins. Shinsuke V. AJ happens and Shinsuke wins the WWE Title. Then… AJ attacks Shinsuke behind and hits the Phenomenal Forearm(heel turn). Sami music hits. This is Sami’s time now. He runs pass AJ who has a disgusted look on his face. Sami cashes in. And Shinsuke is so limp on the corner. Bell rings. A HELLUVA KICK ON SHINSUKE AT WRESTLEMANIA! 1…2…3! SAMI WINS THE WORLD TITLE TO END WRESTLEMANIA. Crowd is happy everyone is happy. People will cry. People will scream of happiness. 

That is my booking. Did you like it? Please comment for your thoughts. 

Braun Strowman’s return

This was requested by C3sar, Nate, & Frankie! 

Now, since Extreme Rules is the next RAW PPV & there is a n°1 contenders match to determine Brock’s opponent at GBOF, I will have Finn Bálor win it. And, Brock will defeat Finn at GBOF(Great Balls of Fire) and go on to Summerslam. Kurt the next night comes out and says “Brock Lesnar doesn’t have an opponent for Summerslam.” Roman music hits and says “I want to slay the beast.” Then, Finn comes out and says “I know what it takes to defeat Brock, one more time.” Then Samoa Joe comes out & then Seth does. But, Brock music hits and it’s only Heyman. He says “All of you lost and neither of you will have the balls to face Lesnar. Especially you, Roman Reigns & Finn Bálor.” Kurt says “You know what? We’ll have a Triple Threat with Seth V. Samoa Joe V. Roman Reigns. Sorry Finn but you lost fair and square. And who ever wins that faces Brock at Summerslam.” Later that night, Bray attacks Finn backstage. And, cuts a promo and says “I want in Kurt.” Kurt puts him in. Now, the match will be an Elimination, and the final two are Bray & Roman. Roman wins because of distraction of Finn. Roman wins and Paul comes out & says “See you at Summerslam and walks away.” But, someone attacks Roman behind him. AND IT’S BRAUN STROWMAN. He brutally attacks Roman into he bleeds(Like in Payback). So next week, Braun comes out and says “It looks like Roman will be out because I beat him to a bloody pult yet again. Kurt comes out and says “Welcome back Braun.” Braun gets in his face & says “GIVE ME THE MATCH WITH BROCK OR ELSE.” Kurt says “How about this, if Roman is able to compete it will be a Triple Threat at Summerslam for the Universal Title. If not, it will be Braun Strowman V. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title.” Roman music hits and he attacks Braun from behind. But Braun destroys a helpless Reigns yet again. And puts him through the barricade AND the table. And screams “SEE YOU AT SUMMERSLAM.” In a sarcastic voice. Later that week, it is announced via Twitter that Roman will not be able to compete. Braun will have a match against Roman’s Shield brother, Dean Ambrose. Dean says in a backstage interview “I’m getting tired of this Strowman and I’m gonna show him how the Lunatic goes with things.” Braun attacks Dean backstage so bad. Braun later that night comes out for his match against Dean. Dean looks like he’s not gonna show up, but he is there. Limping. Dean gets in some offense in the match but a huge powerslam to Dean, 1..2..3. Braun wins his returning match against Dean. But, hits Brock music. He comes out, and holds his title up and that’s the end of that RAW. The go home show for Summerslam, a Braun/Brock face off. And Braun comes out first laughing. Then Paul & Brock comes out. Paul says “Great to meet you, Braun. My name is Paul Heyman. It was an honor of you seeing you in the ring again. And the last time you were face to face with my client, you walked away. But, it doesn’t seem you’re gonna walk away again, right? Because if you do, you’ll not have your match because you obviously didn’t show Brock what you have in your arsenal. Hell, all you showed us was beat up a helpless Roman.” *Braun grabs the mic from Paul* and says “I don’t need to hear you talk, all I want to do is beat Brock for that title at Summerslam and hold it until I die.” Paul says “Oh really, because all you showed us is how you’re not even championship material by getting beaten up by Roman and be out for 4 months. But, aye, I’m not the only person that knows that.” Braun says “I came back and now I am gonna defeat Brock for that title and destroy everyone in my path, even you.” Paul says “Hey, don’t try to be so tough now.” Brock gets in Braun face and says “There we go, the staredown we all wanted to see. Now Braun, what are you gonna do? Fight him and go to Suplex city or walk away and be known for a little bitch moreso a monster?’ Braun looks at the title and attacks Brock but a suplex by Brock. Brock screams but Braun gets up and bullrushes Brock and throws him out the ring. Put Brock through a table and grabs the title, holds in the air and throws it on a helpless Brock. Now the match…. The match will starts off with a F-5. Yes it sounds crazy. But Braun kicksout at 1! Braun gets Brock and tosses him. Powerslam to Brock 1…2…NO! Another Powerslam but no it’s reversed into a GERMAN. And another German. And another one. Brock goes up for an F-5 but fails. And Braun hits his Powerslam AGAIN. 1…2… NO. Braun is shocked and picks Brock up and Brock puts Braun in a Kamura lock. Braun hits Brock with massive elbows. And, Brock hits Braun with yet another F-5. 1..2..3. It’s over. Braun loses in an amazing match. 
Did you like booking? Comment please. 

Booking of Nakamura V John Cena

I really wanted to see this match since he was announced to be signed with the WWE(Nakamura V Cena, that is). Now, I will have Nakamura defeat Ziggler at Backlash. And, the next SD exclusive PPV is Money In The Bank and rumours are circling of who is gonna win the MITB? I really think Nakamura will be in the MITB match, but he will lose. The winner of the MITB will be AJ Styles(that’s a different booking for a different time). Now, I will have Nakamura go into a program in Battleground against Baron Corbin. Nakamura will defeat Corbin and move on. Now, it’s the Road to Summerslam… Cena was promoted to return the following SDLive. And, the following Tuesday, there is a scheduled Cena promo. Cena comes out & Cena grabs the mic after the match and says “Man, it’s fun to be back. I’ve obviously missed a lot, and I got a lot to take off my chest…. *he looks directly in the camera and says* “I am getting tired of these supposedly tough guys trying to take my spot, and I’m going to take it back. *he screams like vintage cena*.. YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME *takes off shirt and says* come on!”. And then, Nakamura theme song hits. And Cena smiles. Nakamura makes his entrance, gets in the ring and stares at Cena, and looks at him in this ominous face. Cena says “Hey! Look who it is, Shinsuke Nakamura!” *Nakamura still staring at Cena* Cena says “Looks like you accepted my challenge and you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” Nakamura then snatches the mic and says “Time to die.” He Kinshasas Cena into an oblivion. And guess who comes out…. Paul Heyman. Now, this needs to happen because Nakamura will need a mouthpiece if he turns heel, and why not Paul Heyman? Next week; Paul Heyman was cutting a promo with Nakamura next to him and said “Cena, if you got the balls to come out here and hear my challenge, or my client Shinsuke Nakamura will find you and DESTROY you.” Cena comes out. Gets in Nakamura face, and backs back. Gets a mic and says “Hey, look who it is, Paul Heyman. Hey man, didn’t I beat your last client when he made his so-called triumphant return?” Paul says “And didn’t he take you to suplex city two years later making him crawl at your feet? And, besides, Shinsuke would beat you WORSE than Brock Lesnar.” Cena laughs and says “What’s your challenge? You want me to kiss your ass like Nakamura & Brock do every night?” Paul says “No, I propose a challenge with YOU, John Cena VERSUS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA!!!” Cena says “YEAH LET’S HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!” Paul & Shinsuke laughs and Paul says “Not tonight, AT SUMMERSLAM.” Cena says “I accept your challenge, because I want to make you AND Nakamura my bitch!” Cena turns, but Nakamura hits the inverted powerslam but Cena, like a smart man goes out the ring. Nakamura does his vibrations and screams “SUMMERSLAM!” 1 week away from Summerslam, there is a contract signing, but Daniel Bryan is there with a lot of security guards. Paul grabs the mic and says “Well, Cena if you sign that contract, you do know Nakamura will END your career, and all your little Cenation fans will all cry and look and Nakamura hand raised and will say ‘Look, there he is, my real hero, Shinsuke Nakamura’. And Shinsuke laughs while signing and throws the contract at Cena. Cena grabs the mic and says “Paul– Nah, Shinsuke I dealt with many guys like you in my entire life. They try so hard to get to the top but fail because they have to get pass me. And they will always be known for that guy who got defeated by John Cena. Well, you’ll be known for that and your little entrance you have where all the strobe lights go off and you dance, but when you wrestle me, you’ll be thinking about when you’ll get medical attention after I’m finished kicking your ass!” Signs the contract. And walks away. Paul says “There he goes everyone, running like a little bitch he is.” Cena laughs runs back to the ring but gets stopped by security guards. Bryan screams “YOU WILL SAVE THIS FOR SUMMERSLAM STOP!” And Cena stops and walks away….. Now, the match! Cena comes out. Then Nakamura comes out. Now, the match we all  waiting for! Nakamura takes over in the beginning but Cena starts coming back. Hits his 5 knuckle shuffle. And Nakamura reverses the AA & hits Cena with brutal knees. Cena seems like he can’t stop Nakamura. He hits the AA, but no! It’s countered into an armbar! Cena powers out and does the STF. Nakamura counters and he hits him with a Kinshasa out of nowhere! 1…2…. NO! Nakamura gets in the corner but AA! Nakamura kicks out. Cena gets Nak up for the AA but Nak reverses. And hits a knee to the back of the head. He pins Cena but he kicks out! Nakamura is losing it. Get in the corner runs to Cena 1..2…A KICKOUT BY NAKAMURA! He gets him up again. Nakamura hits the inverted powerslam and in the corner KINSHASA! 1..2..3.. Nakamura has defeated Cena clean. Cena gets up like 5 min later and Cena & Nakamura shakes hand. So, Nakamura is not fully heel yet. 

That’s my booking. Did you like it?

My preview/predictions on NXTTakeOver: Chicago 

I am really hyped for this weekend. Because, it’s NXTTakeOver: Chicago & BackLash weekend! I really think these PPV’s are gonna be a good show. And, it’s in my hometown! I’m not going, unfortunately, but I will be there in spirit. Lol! Now, these two PPV’s are following the Post-Mania weekend. Now, I really think NXT has had a meh build-up. Also with SD. The build has been meh, but the matches are gonna be good. Now; let’s get to my predictions for NXTTakeOver: Chicago. 

NXTTakeOver: Chicago

  • Roderick Strong V. Eric Young(W/ SAnitY)~ Now, I think this Roderick Strong story has been very great. And I really believe he has had the potential to become the NXT champion, but due to his loses, he never reached to the top and got the chance to get a shot. I think SAnitY has been built up perfectly right now, and I believe they will hold all the titles after Brooklyn III. It wouldn’t make sense for either of these guys to lose, but if I had to go all out, I will take Eric Young, due to interference by SAnitY. Winner: Eric Young
  • Asuka(c) V Ruby Riot V Nikki Cross~ Now, this match was gonna be a Fatal Four Way, but due to Ember’s injury, sadly, it got changed to a Triple Threat. I am glad that Ember is out. No, I’m not saying I’m happy she’s injured, but I am glad we don’t see Asuka & Ember in a match together(for now). Now, Ruby & Nikki feud will probably end at an NXT, and have Asuka/Ember feud end at Brooklyn III. Asuka HAS to stay undefeated. Hell, maybe she wins the tourney and stay undefeated. But, this will be a decent match. Wanna see Asuka/Ruby go at it too. Winner: Asuka. 
  • #DIY V AOP(c) Ladder Match~ Now, apparently Tommasso Ciampa got injured at a live event, if it’s not serious(which I hope) it will be a great match. And it’s gonna be in a hot crowd, that is Chicago! So, Gargano & Ciampa are supposedly breaking up. And, I just hope they team up again before they go to the MR. AOP are a badass team too, I hope they will lose to SAnitY at NXTTakeOver: New Orleans, if they face  Machinery at Brooklyn III. Winners: AOP
  • Pete Dunne V Tyler Bate(c)~ Oh man, what a match this is gonna be. This is a hard decision to make. I think this should’ve been built on NXT TV, but they’re great, so I’m not complaining. I think this match will be greater than their previous match at the UKCT. Winner: Pete Dunne
  • Bobby Roode(c) V Hideo Itami~ man, there is gonna be a lot of CM Punk chants. It is gonna be a long night for these two. I think Roode isn’t that great of a wrestler. Itami will NOT hit the GTS to make us Chicagoians angry. I think Itami will be called up to SD(please WWE) and be in the upper midcard. Roode will be NXT champ until Brooklyn III more than likely. So, it’s gonna be a long road for the Bobby Roode! Winner: Bobby Roode