My preview/predictions on NXTTakeOver: Chicago 

I am really hyped for this weekend. Because, it’s NXTTakeOver: Chicago & BackLash weekend! I really think these PPV’s are gonna be a good show. And, it’s in my hometown! I’m not going, unfortunately, but I will be there in spirit. Lol! Now, these two PPV’s are following the Post-Mania weekend. Now, I really think NXT has had a meh build-up. Also with SD. The build has been meh, but the matches are gonna be good. Now; let’s get to my predictions for NXTTakeOver: Chicago. 

NXTTakeOver: Chicago

  • Roderick Strong V. Eric Young(W/ SAnitY)~ Now, I think this Roderick Strong story has been very great. And I really believe he has had the potential to become the NXT champion, but due to his loses, he never reached to the top and got the chance to get a shot. I think SAnitY has been built up perfectly right now, and I believe they will hold all the titles after Brooklyn III. It wouldn’t make sense for either of these guys to lose, but if I had to go all out, I will take Eric Young, due to interference by SAnitY. Winner: Eric Young
  • Asuka(c) V Ruby Riot V Nikki Cross~ Now, this match was gonna be a Fatal Four Way, but due to Ember’s injury, sadly, it got changed to a Triple Threat. I am glad that Ember is out. No, I’m not saying I’m happy she’s injured, but I am glad we don’t see Asuka & Ember in a match together(for now). Now, Ruby & Nikki feud will probably end at an NXT, and have Asuka/Ember feud end at Brooklyn III. Asuka HAS to stay undefeated. Hell, maybe she wins the tourney and stay undefeated. But, this will be a decent match. Wanna see Asuka/Ruby go at it too. Winner: Asuka. 
  • #DIY V AOP(c) Ladder Match~ Now, apparently Tommasso Ciampa got injured at a live event, if it’s not serious(which I hope) it will be a great match. And it’s gonna be in a hot crowd, that is Chicago! So, Gargano & Ciampa are supposedly breaking up. And, I just hope they team up again before they go to the MR. AOP are a badass team too, I hope they will lose to SAnitY at NXTTakeOver: New Orleans, if they face  Machinery at Brooklyn III. Winners: AOP
  • Pete Dunne V Tyler Bate(c)~ Oh man, what a match this is gonna be. This is a hard decision to make. I think this should’ve been built on NXT TV, but they’re great, so I’m not complaining. I think this match will be greater than their previous match at the UKCT. Winner: Pete Dunne
  • Bobby Roode(c) V Hideo Itami~ man, there is gonna be a lot of CM Punk chants. It is gonna be a long night for these two. I think Roode isn’t that great of a wrestler. Itami will NOT hit the GTS to make us Chicagoians angry. I think Itami will be called up to SD(please WWE) and be in the upper midcard. Roode will be NXT champ until Brooklyn III more than likely. So, it’s gonna be a long road for the Bobby Roode! Winner: Bobby Roode 


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