Braun Strowman’s return

This was requested by C3sar, Nate, & Frankie! 

Now, since Extreme Rules is the next RAW PPV & there is a n°1 contenders match to determine Brock’s opponent at GBOF, I will have Finn Bálor win it. And, Brock will defeat Finn at GBOF(Great Balls of Fire) and go on to Summerslam. Kurt the next night comes out and says “Brock Lesnar doesn’t have an opponent for Summerslam.” Roman music hits and says “I want to slay the beast.” Then, Finn comes out and says “I know what it takes to defeat Brock, one more time.” Then Samoa Joe comes out & then Seth does. But, Brock music hits and it’s only Heyman. He says “All of you lost and neither of you will have the balls to face Lesnar. Especially you, Roman Reigns & Finn Bálor.” Kurt says “You know what? We’ll have a Triple Threat with Seth V. Samoa Joe V. Roman Reigns. Sorry Finn but you lost fair and square. And who ever wins that faces Brock at Summerslam.” Later that night, Bray attacks Finn backstage. And, cuts a promo and says “I want in Kurt.” Kurt puts him in. Now, the match will be an Elimination, and the final two are Bray & Roman. Roman wins because of distraction of Finn. Roman wins and Paul comes out & says “See you at Summerslam and walks away.” But, someone attacks Roman behind him. AND IT’S BRAUN STROWMAN. He brutally attacks Roman into he bleeds(Like in Payback). So next week, Braun comes out and says “It looks like Roman will be out because I beat him to a bloody pult yet again. Kurt comes out and says “Welcome back Braun.” Braun gets in his face & says “GIVE ME THE MATCH WITH BROCK OR ELSE.” Kurt says “How about this, if Roman is able to compete it will be a Triple Threat at Summerslam for the Universal Title. If not, it will be Braun Strowman V. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title.” Roman music hits and he attacks Braun from behind. But Braun destroys a helpless Reigns yet again. And puts him through the barricade AND the table. And screams “SEE YOU AT SUMMERSLAM.” In a sarcastic voice. Later that week, it is announced via Twitter that Roman will not be able to compete. Braun will have a match against Roman’s Shield brother, Dean Ambrose. Dean says in a backstage interview “I’m getting tired of this Strowman and I’m gonna show him how the Lunatic goes with things.” Braun attacks Dean backstage so bad. Braun later that night comes out for his match against Dean. Dean looks like he’s not gonna show up, but he is there. Limping. Dean gets in some offense in the match but a huge powerslam to Dean, 1..2..3. Braun wins his returning match against Dean. But, hits Brock music. He comes out, and holds his title up and that’s the end of that RAW. The go home show for Summerslam, a Braun/Brock face off. And Braun comes out first laughing. Then Paul & Brock comes out. Paul says “Great to meet you, Braun. My name is Paul Heyman. It was an honor of you seeing you in the ring again. And the last time you were face to face with my client, you walked away. But, it doesn’t seem you’re gonna walk away again, right? Because if you do, you’ll not have your match because you obviously didn’t show Brock what you have in your arsenal. Hell, all you showed us was beat up a helpless Roman.” *Braun grabs the mic from Paul* and says “I don’t need to hear you talk, all I want to do is beat Brock for that title at Summerslam and hold it until I die.” Paul says “Oh really, because all you showed us is how you’re not even championship material by getting beaten up by Roman and be out for 4 months. But, aye, I’m not the only person that knows that.” Braun says “I came back and now I am gonna defeat Brock for that title and destroy everyone in my path, even you.” Paul says “Hey, don’t try to be so tough now.” Brock gets in Braun face and says “There we go, the staredown we all wanted to see. Now Braun, what are you gonna do? Fight him and go to Suplex city or walk away and be known for a little bitch moreso a monster?’ Braun looks at the title and attacks Brock but a suplex by Brock. Brock screams but Braun gets up and bullrushes Brock and throws him out the ring. Put Brock through a table and grabs the title, holds in the air and throws it on a helpless Brock. Now the match…. The match will starts off with a F-5. Yes it sounds crazy. But Braun kicksout at 1! Braun gets Brock and tosses him. Powerslam to Brock 1…2…NO! Another Powerslam but no it’s reversed into a GERMAN. And another German. And another one. Brock goes up for an F-5 but fails. And Braun hits his Powerslam AGAIN. 1…2… NO. Braun is shocked and picks Brock up and Brock puts Braun in a Kamura lock. Braun hits Brock with massive elbows. And, Brock hits Braun with yet another F-5. 1..2..3. It’s over. Braun loses in an amazing match. 
Did you like booking? Comment please. 


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