NJPW G1 Special 2017 Review/Ratings

This entire PPV was really good. I will recommend this G1 Special but certain matches throughout this PPV. The matches of the PPV were really good, placed, & had some good wrestling. The outcomes were really predictable, but not as much. The winners who advanced to the Semifinals and the matches tonight are going to be insane. Now, the review for each match & rating: 

Chaos v Bullet Club: This was a decent opening match. Nothing to big, I just want to know what’s the state of the BC after what happened later(Which I will get into). 

Rating: **3/4 

Los Ingobernables v Liger, Lee, Titán, Valador: Now, I get this is the undercard but I just think they should do the multi man matches in different slots but it was still a decent match. Again, nothing big, just a fun multi man match. 

Rating: **1/2 

Jay Lethal v Hangman Page: This match was really good. I think it was a good opening match to the tournament, and the story about Lethal’s injury still circling if he could survive and win this tournament for the US Title. Lethal’s finisher(Handspring Cutter) is still absolutely amazing and beautiful. 

Rating: ***

Zack Sabre Jr. v Juice Robinson: This match was really good, also. ZSJ is absoultely mental, one of the best technicians in the world. Not even gonna lie, I really thought ZSJ was overrated in the beginning of 2017. He changed on me, by a lot. And that match was one one of the reasons. It was a great, or perfect match, but it got the job done. It really had that sign of belief that Juice will actually win the match, by powering out of ZSJ’s effective submission. But ZSJ somehow put in the octopus based submission to get the win. 

Rating: ***1/2 

Jay White & Taguchi Japan v Hunter Club: Let’s get the elephant out the room, and talk about Billy Gunn… This dude should not be wrestling anymore, there’s absoultely no point of him wrestling oncesoever. Now, the match itself, was boring. I’m sorry, but it really was. This 8 men tag was just to build-up to Tanahashi v Billy Gunn(Which is a horrible idea). Was really bored throughout this match. Didn’t accomplish anything. The only bad match of last night G1 Special. 

Rating: ** 

War Machine v Guerrillas of Destiny: This was a great tag team match. Again, just a good match that didn’t need any crazy spots, but it was a great tag title match. I think at the start where they announced it to be a No DQ match was really weird. It was a good match nonetheless; thouroughly enjoyed it. 

Rating: ***1/2 

Tomohiro Ishii v Tetsuya Naito: This match was really good. I really loved this first round match. First round matches are typically not great in the wrestling world, but damn sure was. Really loved how Naito started off the match, and did his signature taunt: Tranquillo. I think this match was really fun to watch. And I was really surprised with the outcome. Really thought Naito would win there but I suppose not. Ishii v ZSJ is gonna be absolutely amazing. 

Rating ***3/4 

Kenny Omega v Michael Elgin: This match was absolutely MOTN, hands down. The match was really fantastic, and the story if Omega could get the big man(In Elgin that is) down. Throughout the match Omega will have a spark then & there, but Elgin will stop that. Omega is absolutely amazing & so is Elgin. This match was absolutely MOTYC & certainly earns all the respect & attention. It also took 7 V-Triggers and 1 One-Winged Angel to put Elgin down. Amazing storytelling. Omega v Lethal tonight is gonna be absolutely insane. Can’t wait. 

Rating: ****1/2 

Kazuchika Okada(C) v Cody Rhodes: I know I can’t do a damn thing in the ring, but Cody got exposed… This match was really decent but so tiring. I really stand by that Cody isn’t a great wrestler everyone says he is. I think this match further proved my, & Everyone else’s opinion(s) on why Cody isn’t a great wrestler. Omega came out and went to throw into the towel and we see some heated tension between Him & Cody. I think they will probably fight and winner is the proclaimed leader of the Bullet Club. It was an okay main event, not anything special or out of this world spectacular. 

Rating: ***1/2

Overall, it was a good opening night for G1. The second round matches have everyone itching as to, who’s gonna win or will Omega really win the entire thing tonight.. For my prediction for the finals, I have ZSJ v Omega. And Omega wins the US Title and face Okada later on in G1. Maybe he defeats Okada this time, but I have no idea. We will just have to wait and see, hope everyone enjoyed this review & if you will like to, I have other fantasy bookings on here, and I will review G1 Special Night 2 also. So, there’s that. If you liked this post, please comment below of you enjoyed the read or have some constructive criticism upon my review & ratings for last night’s G1 Special.

My Rating out of 10: 7/10.