Sami Zayn’s World Title

This was requested by Marsh on Twitter. 

Now, this is a controversial topic. Will Sami ever achieve his dream by becoming a world champion? Or, will he ever be the face of the company? If they are, this is how I will book it! Since Sami is programed to face Corbin, I will have him defeat Corbin. And, after the RAW PPV, Shane will announce Sami Zayn, & Baron Corbin as two of the 6 for the MITB…. Now, I will have Nakamura, AJ, Owens, & Jinder in it. Why not Tye? Because, he doesn’t need to be.  So, I will have Sami WIN the MITB. And, Randy V Rusev for the title at MITB. Sami, who is the MITB holder will be looking closely at the match. Randy wins but gets attacked by Rusev at the end. Sami comes out. Tries to cash in, but Rusev attacks Sami. And making Sami be out for a month. Rusev claims since Sami is unable to compete, he should get the briefcase(talking to Daniel Bryan that is). Rusev later faces one of Sami’s good friends, Tye Dillinger in the main event of SD. Rusev loses by DQ because he held an accolade in for 5 seconds. Tye passes out. And Rusev screams “GIVE ME THE BRIEFCASE I WANT IT.” when SD goes off air. Since the next SD PPV is No Mercy; Daniel Bryan tells Rusev “If Sami is able to compete, you will face him at No Mercy. Oh, and if you win, you will get the briefcase.” Rusev laughs and walks away. The go home show for No Mercy, Rusev comes out saying he will defeat Sami and retrieve that briefcase and cash in on AJ(Who will be facing Randy who lost at SS). Sami music hits but no one comes out. But, Sami is there hits Rusev in the back of the head and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb. At No Mercy, Sami defeats Rusev thus keeping his briefcase. Now, we’re at the RR. AJ Styles is scheduled to fight John Cena. Yes, Cena V. Styles at the Rumble again. AJ wins in a hard fighting match. But Sami music hits but he just holds his briefcase up and walks away. Shinsuke wins the Rumble, thus setting up Shinsuke V. AJ at Mania. AJ retains his title in the chamber and yet another tease by Sami Zayn. He just holds it up yet again. We see no more Sami & AJ interaction anymore after that. Sami V. Owens is scheduled to happen at Mania and Sami wins. Shinsuke V. AJ happens and Shinsuke wins the WWE Title. Then… AJ attacks Shinsuke behind and hits the Phenomenal Forearm(heel turn). Sami music hits. This is Sami’s time now. He runs pass AJ who has a disgusted look on his face. Sami cashes in. And Shinsuke is so limp on the corner. Bell rings. A HELLUVA KICK ON SHINSUKE AT WRESTLEMANIA! 1…2…3! SAMI WINS THE WORLD TITLE TO END WRESTLEMANIA. Crowd is happy everyone is happy. People will cry. People will scream of happiness. 

That is my booking. Did you like it? Please comment for your thoughts.