Booking of Nakamura V John Cena

I really wanted to see this match since he was announced to be signed with the WWE(Nakamura V Cena, that is). Now, I will have Nakamura defeat Ziggler at Backlash. And, the next SD exclusive PPV is Money In The Bank and rumours are circling of who is gonna win the MITB? I really think Nakamura will be in the MITB match, but he will lose. The winner of the MITB will be AJ Styles(that’s a different booking for a different time). Now, I will have Nakamura go into a program in Battleground against Baron Corbin. Nakamura will defeat Corbin and move on. Now, it’s the Road to Summerslam… Cena was promoted to return the following SDLive. And, the following Tuesday, there is a scheduled Cena promo. Cena comes out & Cena grabs the mic after the match and says “Man, it’s fun to be back. I’ve obviously missed a lot, and I got a lot to take off my chest…. *he looks directly in the camera and says* “I am getting tired of these supposedly tough guys trying to take my spot, and I’m going to take it back. *he screams like vintage cena*.. YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME *takes off shirt and says* come on!”. And then, Nakamura theme song hits. And Cena smiles. Nakamura makes his entrance, gets in the ring and stares at Cena, and looks at him in this ominous face. Cena says “Hey! Look who it is, Shinsuke Nakamura!” *Nakamura still staring at Cena* Cena says “Looks like you accepted my challenge and you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” Nakamura then snatches the mic and says “Time to die.” He Kinshasas Cena into an oblivion. And guess who comes out…. Paul Heyman. Now, this needs to happen because Nakamura will need a mouthpiece if he turns heel, and why not Paul Heyman? Next week; Paul Heyman was cutting a promo with Nakamura next to him and said “Cena, if you got the balls to come out here and hear my challenge, or my client Shinsuke Nakamura will find you and DESTROY you.” Cena comes out. Gets in Nakamura face, and backs back. Gets a mic and says “Hey, look who it is, Paul Heyman. Hey man, didn’t I beat your last client when he made his so-called triumphant return?” Paul says “And didn’t he take you to suplex city two years later making him crawl at your feet? And, besides, Shinsuke would beat you WORSE than Brock Lesnar.” Cena laughs and says “What’s your challenge? You want me to kiss your ass like Nakamura & Brock do every night?” Paul says “No, I propose a challenge with YOU, John Cena VERSUS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA!!!” Cena says “YEAH LET’S HAVE IT RIGHT NOW!” Paul & Shinsuke laughs and Paul says “Not tonight, AT SUMMERSLAM.” Cena says “I accept your challenge, because I want to make you AND Nakamura my bitch!” Cena turns, but Nakamura hits the inverted powerslam but Cena, like a smart man goes out the ring. Nakamura does his vibrations and screams “SUMMERSLAM!” 1 week away from Summerslam, there is a contract signing, but Daniel Bryan is there with a lot of security guards. Paul grabs the mic and says “Well, Cena if you sign that contract, you do know Nakamura will END your career, and all your little Cenation fans will all cry and look and Nakamura hand raised and will say ‘Look, there he is, my real hero, Shinsuke Nakamura’. And Shinsuke laughs while signing and throws the contract at Cena. Cena grabs the mic and says “Paul– Nah, Shinsuke I dealt with many guys like you in my entire life. They try so hard to get to the top but fail because they have to get pass me. And they will always be known for that guy who got defeated by John Cena. Well, you’ll be known for that and your little entrance you have where all the strobe lights go off and you dance, but when you wrestle me, you’ll be thinking about when you’ll get medical attention after I’m finished kicking your ass!” Signs the contract. And walks away. Paul says “There he goes everyone, running like a little bitch he is.” Cena laughs runs back to the ring but gets stopped by security guards. Bryan screams “YOU WILL SAVE THIS FOR SUMMERSLAM STOP!” And Cena stops and walks away….. Now, the match! Cena comes out. Then Nakamura comes out. Now, the match we all  waiting for! Nakamura takes over in the beginning but Cena starts coming back. Hits his 5 knuckle shuffle. And Nakamura reverses the AA & hits Cena with brutal knees. Cena seems like he can’t stop Nakamura. He hits the AA, but no! It’s countered into an armbar! Cena powers out and does the STF. Nakamura counters and he hits him with a Kinshasa out of nowhere! 1…2…. NO! Nakamura gets in the corner but AA! Nakamura kicks out. Cena gets Nak up for the AA but Nak reverses. And hits a knee to the back of the head. He pins Cena but he kicks out! Nakamura is losing it. Get in the corner runs to Cena 1..2…A KICKOUT BY NAKAMURA! He gets him up again. Nakamura hits the inverted powerslam and in the corner KINSHASA! 1..2..3.. Nakamura has defeated Cena clean. Cena gets up like 5 min later and Cena & Nakamura shakes hand. So, Nakamura is not fully heel yet. 

That’s my booking. Did you like it?